'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion Couches Go Viral Over Spray Tan and Body Makeup Stains

The 'RHOBH' production designer took to Instagram to show the aftermath of the season 13 reunion.

The drama on the set of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills isn't just confined to verbal spats and emotional showdowns! It also appears that the aftermath of filming the reunion special has left its mark, quite literally, on the iconic white couches.

Matthew B. Kornegay, the associate production designer for the RHOBH reunion, took to Instagram to reveal the startling aftereffects of filming, showcasing the white couches marred by spray tan and body makeup stains. 

The designer shared a video on Instagram, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes chaos that unfolded after the cast of seven wrapped up filming for season 13.


"What really happens with 8 (can't leave out the Iconic @kathyhilton) Housewives on 2 rental couches…. Thanks @stanleysteemerofficial," he wrote, hinting at the cleanup effort required to salvage the couches from the makeup and tan disaster.

The RHOBH cast at the reunion included Kyle Richards, Erika JayneDorit KemsleyGarcelle BeauvaisSutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff and new Housewife Annemarie Wiley, with Kathy Hilton making a notable appearance.

Griffin Nagel / Bravo

Despite the intense emotions, ranging from laughter to tears, and even a hospital visit, the Beverly Hills housewives managed to navigate through the reunion, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the upcoming season's drama.

"It was not easy shooting this season, and it's certainly not easy watching it all back and having to relive it all again,' Richards confessed to ET ahead of season 13's finale.

"I'm just sort of waiting for it to be over, to be honest," she admitted. "I feel like I've gotten through, like, the hardest parts, but then I have a little break… and then more difficult stuff comes up."

Richards is no stranger to public scrutiny, but season 13 felt different, with her most personal story yet -- the possible end of her marriage to Mauricio Umansky -- unfolding in real time as cameras rolled. In fact, cameras went back up after filming ended to capture more of her and Umansky's process as the news of their split went public. 


"This season, when I was struggling so much personally and I felt like people were coming at me when I really just needed friends and support, I really thought, how can I continue to do this?" Richards said. "Why would I put myself through this? I was already struggling so much in my personal life, why would I want to be tortured in front of the cameras, and then have to relive this again in six months? But, obviously, one day the time will come where I say enough is enough."

Richards is one of the longest-serving Housewives in Bravo history, and one of two OGs (New Jersey's Teresa Giudice being the other) left standing. With long term Housewives (for instance, Kandi Burruss after 14 seasons on Atlanta) now opting out of the reality TV experience, Richards seems to think she's not far behind. 

"Every year it's like, 'Should I? Should I?'" she said. "I remember years ago saying, after season 5, I'm not doing any more. Here I am. But, you know, right now it doesn't sound so great. But I hate to even say that because who knows what I'm going to feel like in a month or two? I don't know."

"Every season, like, do you leave on a high note, or was your season so bad you don't ever want to come back again?" she told ET, laughing. "I don’t know. I don't have that answer."