Raquel Leviss 'Seduces' Tom Schwartz Into Make-Out Session in Front of Tom Sandoval

Raquel Leviss, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval
Araya Doheny/Getty Images

Leviss continued her pursuit of Schwartz on the latest episode of 'Vanderpump Rules' Wednesday.

Wednesday's all-new episode of Vanderpump Rules sees Raquel Leviss continue her pursuit of Tom Schwartz, despite his ex-wife, Katie Maloney's insistence against it.

Ahead of Scheana Shay's wedding in Mexico, the group prepares for a white party, happening around one of the resort’s pools. And while it's Leviss who engages in the liplock with Schwartz, it's Shay who once again urges the action, with the soon-to-be bride telling Tom Sandoval that she "wants Schwartz to make out with someone at the wedding."

Sandoval's then-girlfriend, Ariana Madix calls Schwartz over to the group. Leviss is not far behind and appears to join the tail end of the convo, just after Shay asks Schwartz if he’s going to make out with anyone over the weekend.

"I can literally see Raquel’s ears perk up at the sound of Schwartz saying he’s going to make out with someone," Madix says in an interview, while jokingly imitating a dog with its ears up.

Schwartz, meanwhile, tells the group he’s down to make out with someone, to Madix's surprise, who says Schwartz has only historically been down to make out with people when he’s "married to somebody else." 

Shocked at the dig at he and Maloney's now-ended marriage, Schwartz covers his mouth and briefly runs away. Equally gobsmacked, Leviss mutters to Madix, "Maybe that’s why it is."

Things continue to heat up between Schwartz and Leviss throughout the night, with Leviss inviting Schwartz to join her on a swing on the other side of the pool.

"I feel like you would really enjoy the swing," she whispers to the TomTom co-owner.

They cross the pool to a romantic table on the other side, where Schwartz asks Leviss if she’s "seducing" him. She asks if he feels seduced.

"A little bit," Schwartz admits. From across the party, Brock Davies shouts, "Make out!"

While Schwartz's intentions aren't crystal clear, one thing is -- he's had it with the group's input on him and Leviss.

After telling Leviss he's "so annoyed by what people have done, try to coerce us into making out," he says he just wants "to do it now."

"When did you come to this realization?" A shocked Leviss asks.

After piling on the compliments, Schwartz calls Leviss the "forbidden fruit" after Maloney made their almost make-out earlier in the season, "a thing."

Leviss admits that she can't stop thinking about kissing the bar owner, and gushes over him to the cameras.

"There’s a lot of things that attract me to Schwartz. He is so sweet, kind, love his sense of humor," Leviss says in an interview. "My attraction for Schwartz definitely outweighs my desire to be friends with Katie."

Schwartz then leans in for a kiss, and he and Raquel start making out across the table, with Sandoval -- Leviss' soon-to-be love interest in eyesight.

As fans of the show know, last month, ET confirmed that Sandoval and Madix called it quits after she discovered the aspiring musician was having an affair with Leviss. Many reports on the matter have suggested that the affair began during Shay's wedding, on this very trip to Mexico.

While that exact details of their tryst will be revealed on the show's season 10 reunion, Wednessday's episode ends with a "To Be Continued" notice, which means that more drama will surely erupt once the aftermath of the pair's makeout session is captured by the group.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.