Rachel Lindsay's Husband Bryan Abasolo Says Kids Are 'Definitely Coming' for Them (Exclusive)

Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay
John Fleenor/Getty Images

The 'Talking It Out' co-host told ET about his relationship with the former Bachelorette.

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo have babies on the brain! In a conversation with ET, Abasolo gushed about his relationship with Lindsay and their future plans together. The pair met and got engaged on Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette in 2017, and tied the knot two years later.

"We have a new house, we have our dogs, we have everything we could ask for and kids definitely coming in the future," Abasolo told ET. "We're just loving life right now."

The couple's marital bliss comes more than a year after Abasolo made the move out to Los Angeles to be with Lindsay. Prior to the cross-country move, Abasolo was based in Miami, Florida, thousands of miles away from his wife.

"The bicoastal thing was not going to work long term," Abasolo acknowledged. "But I'm finally out here, been out here for a little over a year, opened up my [chiropractic] practice. I'm getting it going. The grand opening was on Dec. 9 and everything's going well. She's obviously, with her 10 jobs, flourishing in her career."

In addition to Abasolo's practice, he co-hosts Talking It Out, and official Bachelor Nation podcast, with fellow franchise alum Mike Johnson.

"Sometimes he's the good cop, sometimes I'm the good cop. We alternate," Abasolo told ET of himself and Johnson. "We don't agree on everything, which is necessary. I think the show would be boring if everybody agreed with each other, but we just love bringing up and talking about those unconventional topics, the thought-provoking topics that are going to make people out there really think. We love to make it relatable to their everyday life."

The guys are getting ready to turn things up a notch with the podcast, as the new season of The Bachelorette is set to premiere next month.

"It's an uncommon season," Abasolo said, alluding to the fact that the show will feature two female leads all season long. "I'm very intrigued. I can't wait to watch... There's just so many possibilities. I don't think anybody knows what to expect. And I love that."

Season 19 of The Bachelorette will premiere Monday, July 11 on ABC.