Rachel Hirsch Explains Why Celebs Love Her Not So Serious Empowered Yoga Classes That Leave You Feeling Better

Rachel Hirsch

Empowered Yoga co-founder Rachel Hirsch explains why celebrities love to step onto the mat for her not so serious workout classes.

Mind-body connection! Rachel Hirsch, co-founder of Empowered Yoga, is known for her good vibe-filled workouts, so it’s no surprise why A-listers like Jonah Hill can't stop stepping onto the mat. To celebrate the opening of her new Los Angeles, California studio, the yogi told ET exactly what goes down in her sweat sessions. 

"Empowered classes are meant to make you feel more at home in your body and mind. They are the perfect blend of movement and breath to allow you to feel connected both physically and mentally," she explained.

Chris Magee

"Each of our classes follow a unique arc, which are rooted in the tradition of the yoga practice, but are all slightly different to allow you to constantly be learning and evolving as you come back time and time again," she continued.

And while the idea of yoga can often be intimidating, Hirsch's workouts are made to be fun and for everybody.

"Our classes undoubtedly bring a smile to your face. They are full of wiggles and giggles, and are grounding and nourishing too. They can also be challenging, which makes the vibe energetic and exciting," the workout guru noted.

"I always say, 'It's not that serious, it's just yoga.’ … So often with exercise we try to hit mileage or certain stats, but with yoga it's literally called a practice every time. … Being good at standing on one leg doesn't make you a better person, so who cares if you fall out of a pose?" she added.


As for her most popular classes: "Rach's Vinyasa + Sound is a fan favorite. It is a 75-minute vinyasa class that ends with a sound bath. It gives you the physicality and restorative nourishment all in one class. Chris' Friday Power is amazing, although not for the faint of heart. It's a 75-minute challenge that pushes you in ways you weren't expecting, but leaves you feeling proud and exhausted."

But what you can anticipate is to see results once you get into a consistent routine.

"The sweet spot for most people is 2-3 times per week in order to maximize the benefits of the practice. … Physically you will notice improved strength, flexibility, mobility, and body awareness. … Mentally it helps us create clarity by carving out time to be in the present moment. Focusing on your breath and your movement helps to quiet and clear our minds," she shared.

Empowered Yoga is located at 13347 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066 and 4973 West Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016.



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