Rachel Bilson Talks Getting Married to Adam Brody on 'The O.C.' After They Split in Real Life

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody
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The co-stars dated for three years while on their popular TV series.

Seth and Summer's wedding on The O.C. came at an uncomfortable time for actress Rachel Bilson. The scene, which was featured in the hit show's 2007 finale, was filmed shortly after Bilson split from her co-star, Adam Brody, in real life. 

"We broke up at the very end, so there wasn't much [to film] after the breakup," Bilson shared on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast. "We did get married after we broke up on the show, so that's always fun... That was like the only scene left to shoot was the wedding. You broke up? Let's give you a wedding!"

Despite the uncomfortable circumstances, Bilson had nothing but kind things to say about her "super talented" ex, who is currently married to actress Leighton Meester

"We still got along really well. I had so much, and still do, love and respect for Adam," she continued. "We went through so much together, being so young and everything with the show. And I'm so happy for him with his family and his beautiful wife and kids and everything." 

Bilson was 21 when she landed the role of Summer Roberts on the series. She and Brody, who played Seth Cohen, started dating in real life during the first season. 

"Mischa [Barton] was 16. I can't even imagine," Bilson said of being hit with fame at such a young age. "I think I kind of got a lot out of my system early, growing up in L.A. I wasn't at the clubs, falling out of the cars panty-less. It was a little different for me. I was in a relationship during the show, which I think helped keep me at home, playing board games and watching really great TV like Jeopardy!.We did go out, but it was just a different thing. There was stability and I did grow up kind of fast, did all the stuff a little early." 

Brody and Meester share daughter Arlo, 5, and welcomed a son in September. Bilson shares 6-year-old daughter Briar Rose with her ex, Hayden Christensen. 

Brody reflected on how much time has passed since The O.C. on Monday during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show

"It's a little funny when I think I'm younger than someone and they're like, 'Oh, I grew up on that show! It really got me through junior high.' And I'm like, 'Oh,'" he quipped.