Queen Latifah Talks Friendship With Dolly Parton and Almost Getting Her on 'The Equalizer' (Exclusive)

ET was on the set of the action-packed crime drama series and spoke with the actress about her dream guest stars.

After closing season 3 on a wild cliffhanger, The Equalizer is returning with an explosive season 4 premiere, and star Queen Latifah is looking forward to giving the show's diehard fans the ride they've been waiting for.

ET's Rachel Smith was on the set of the hit series, and spoke with Latifah about finally returning after the SAG and WGA strikes pushed back production -- as well as who her dream guest star might be in the seasons to come.

"We are so happy to be back... and we are going to give the people what they need," Latifah teased. "You will get the family, the love, [and] you will get all the action you can handle. You are going to get explosions. You are going to get people diving and ducking and all that good stuff."

On The Equalizer, Latifah stars as Robyn McCall, a woman with an enigmatic past and CIA-honed skills who uses her talents to help those who need help and bring down those operating in the shadows.

For Latifah, the draw of the show is "the idea of what the Equalizer does."

"[She's] someone who is out there trying to get justice, for average, everyday people," she shared. "This is a show that balances the scales."

When it comes to guest stars for the future, the actress really had only one person in mind, and it was someone she's tried to get on the series before -- the incomparable Dolly Parton.

"I would love to get Dolly Parton on this show," Latifah shared. "We came very close to being able to make it happen last year. So I don't know if we'll be able to do it this year, but I would love to get Dolly on."

"We did a movie together called Joyful Noise, and she was just the most amazing person," Latifah explained. "She's just a real down-to-earth, cool person who's inspired me since I was a little girl.... she kicks butt, too. She's just as funky as anybody. So I would love to get Dolly on here. I'll just put it out there."

"That's my girl," she added. "I just love her."

Season 4 of The Equalizer premieres Feb. 18 on CBS.