Queen Latifah Has Some Ideas for Possible 'Girls Trip 2' Filming Locations (Exclusive)

The 'Hustle' star opened up to ET about her dream shooting locations for the comedy sequel.

Queen Latifah isn't going to say no to a free trip to some idyllic locale! In fact, the actress has a few suggestions of her own when it comes to where they should film the sequel to her 2017 comedy Girls Trip.

The actress joined ET's Kevin Frazier on Thursday, alongside her Hustle co-star Adam Sandler, while promoting their new Netflix basketball drama.

She took a few moments, however, to address producer Will Packer's announcement earlier this year that a follow-up to the hit comedy was in the works.

When asked where the road trip comedy might take the stars -- including Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish -- Latifah said with a laugh, "You need to ask Will where we going."

"I mean I wanna go to like Brazil... or I'm hearing South Africa," she added.

"Oh yeah yeah that's a good idea," added Sandler -- who is also known for writing comedies set in exotic locales.

"I mean I'm down to go where it's warm, and where there's a beach!" Latifah added with a laugh. "But with the girls, it doesn't matter. I know it's gonna be fun."

"That movie's the best," Sandler shared with a smile. "I didn't know you were doing another one! That's great news!"

Meanwhile, Sandler and Latifah play on-screen husband and wife in Hustle -- where Sandler stars as an NBA talent scout trying to recruit a player from Spain in an effort to revitalize his career.

Sandler previously gushed over getting to work with Latifah at the film's red carpet premiere in LA on Wednesday, telling ET, ""Me and Latifah know each other forever, and she's a beautiful person. Wherever we would go, wherever, there was a crowd of people. People would just be like, 'Oh my god, that's Queen Latifah!' She has a a nice aura about her and and brings happiness and is just a nice person."

Hustle hits select theaters on June 3, and debuts on Netflix on June 8.