Priyanka Chopra Reveals She and Husband Nick Jonas Have Recorded Songs Together

Priyanka said she's embarrassed to admit it!

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has admitted she and husband Nick Jonas have, in fact, recorded songs together in the studio. And there's only one sure way to hear them -- but be careful, it may be a crime!

The 40-year-old actress made the admission while on SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live and added she's a bit embarrassed to admit that, prior to her career exploding, she had a career, albeit a short one, as a pop singer. That, coupled with the fact that her husband is a pop superstar, meant it was inevitable that they would hit the studio together, and that's exactly what's transpired.

After making such an admission, host Andy Cohen insisted the world was in need of a Nick-Priyanka, but Priyanka was not convinced.

"Oh, no," she said.

But it would be a smash hit, Andy shot back, and Priyanka agreed. But still.

"We do go into the studio sometimes in the middle of the night and jam," the Citadel star continued. "We've just made songs randomly, so it's out there somewhere on Nick's phone, but I'm not confident enough to sing with him."

And anyone who wants to get a listen will have to convince the Jonas Brothers singer.

"You should ask Nick next time you see him," Priyanka said, "because he has it on his phone."

The good news for Andy, the Jonas Brothers are slated to visit his studio next week.

"I'm gonna see what we can do," he quipped, to which Priyanka replied with, "Oh boy, I gave you ammunition."

Priyanka's hesitation to sing with her husband -- and for the world to hear! -- is something she's shied away from in the past. 

Back in July 2022, she put the kibosh on the idea of collaborating with Nick, telling Variety, "I love working with Nick so you’ll see things happen as the years unfold. But I’ll never sing with him."