'Private Property' Trailer: Ashley Benson Has a Dangerous Love Affair in New Thriller

'Private Property' hits theatres May 13.

Lonely housewife plus handsome gardener equals danger! The official trailer for Private Property -- starring Ashley Benson and Shiloh Fernandez -- has arrived.  

“I always just did whatever I wanted, because I was young and I didn’t care,” Benson, who plays Kathryn, says as the eerie trailer begins.

Kathryn is an unfulfilled housewife and struggling actress. When new gardener Ben (Fernandez) knocks on her door, things start to look up as Kathryn now has daily eye candy and Ben gives her the attention and sensitivity she craves. 

After the two decide to take things to a forbidden level, after Ben proves that he’s good at “a lot of physical stuff,” Kathryn calls time on the relationship, which quickly becomes a problem for Ben.  

Things start to get dark when Ben proves that he’s not exactly who Kathryn thought he was, and he begins to exhibit truly strange behavior.

“You want me to cut her, til she bleeds all over?” Ben asks.

As the remainder of the trailer plays out, scenes of Ben carrying an unconscious Kathryn, someone submerged underwater and Kathryn pointing a gun are shown.  

Private Property is a remake of the 1960 noir film of the same name. In addition to Benson and Fernandez, the film also stars Logan Miller, Frank Whaley and Jay Pharoh.  

Private Property hits theaters May 13.  



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