Princess Love Announces Divorce From Ray J For the Fourth Time

The couple's latest divorce is the fourth time they have filed since May 2020.

Ray J and Princess Love are headed for divorce -- for the fourth time.

On Monday, Love shared the news via a statement on Instagram. 

"Dear Friends and Family, it is with heavy hearts that we share the news of our decision to divorce," the statement began. "After much reflection, discussion, and counseling, we have come to the difficult realization that our paths have diverged and it is in the best interest of both of us to part ways. We want to reassure you that this decision was made thoughtfully and with mutual respect and consideration for each other's well-being. While our relationship as spouses may be coming to an end, we remain committed to co-parenting our children and maintaining a positive and supportive family dynamic." 

The statement continued with the pair thanking the public for their support and "respect for our privacy," and for the love and friendship they have received. 

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Love and Ray J ended their message with optimism. 

"Thought this chapter of our lives may be closing, we look forward to embracing the opportunities for growth, healing, and new beginnings that lie ahead," it read. "We are confident that with time, understanding, and the support of our loved ones, we will navigate this transition with grace and resilience. Thank you for your understanding and support." 

ET confirmed in legal docs filed on Monday that Love filed for divorce on Feb. 26.

Ray J, 41, and Love, 39, tied the knot in 2016. Together, the pair are parents to their children Melody, 5, and Epik, 4. 

Love first filed or divorce from the "Gifts" singer in May 2020, before filing to have it dismissed two months later. In September 2020, Ray J chose to file for divorce. The pair then requested that to be dismissed in February 2021. The "Wait a Minute" singer then filed for divorce from his wife (again) in October 2021, and called it off in March 2023.

In June 2023, ET spoke with the Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood stars -- who appeared together at the BET Awards -- and dished about resolving their marital woes and taking divorce off the table. 

"I mean love is hard. It's never easy but it always works out," Love told ET. "And that's what it's supposed to be, right?"

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Ray J went on the add that the key to rekindling their romance was being "best friends," looking after each other's interest, and keeping people out of their "love bubble." 

"She's my best buddy I'm her best buddy. And all the friends and everybody we had around, they gotta get out of our bubble," he said. "I think once we start locking in like that it just became super fun, you know?"

Love added, "I feel like there were a lot of people who were against us, and, I mean, even some of the world is against us. But we have to just shut everybody out and focus on us, and our family."




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