Prince Harry Made Surprise Appearance During Final 'Late Late Show With James Corden' Taping

Corden's final episode of 'The Late Late Show' aired April 27.

Prince Harry was there to support his good friend, James Corden, as he said goodbye to The Late Late Show.

On Wednesday, the Late Late Show aired the final episode of its six-part docuseries on YouTube, which documented the final taping and show. Around the nine-minute mark, while showing executive producer Ben Winston hard at work in the control room, the Duke of Sussex appears in the frame and hands him a drink. The lower third reads, "Prince Harry surprise visit." 

The royal did not appear anywhere else in the video and he did not join Corden on air during his final show. In February 2021, the duke appeared in a segment on the Late Late Show, where he rode around Los Angeles with Corden as his tour guide -- and even looked at the house featured on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Corden said goodbye to his late-night show on April 27, following eight years and 1200 episodes. For the occasion, he was joined by Harry Styles and Will Ferrell. The emotional final show also included a surprise video message from President Joe Biden.

Ahead of wrapping up his show, and moving back home to the U.K. with his wife and three children, Corden spoke to ET about his decision to say goodbye to late night.

"Change in your life comes with a huge amount of fear, professional, personal," Corden said. "We're going to move back to London, we're going to put three kids into a new school. That in itself would be a lot to do, and then to walk away from what just has been the most magical experience I could have ever wished, with intention, turn everything upside down comes with a lot of fear." 

To Corden, though, the fear signaled that he's doing something right. "I just think how things end is important," he said. "How you close things off is really, really important. I think that it matters, and I think I've done 1200 shows by the time we finish -- that is a lot of TV. We have done things on the show that far exceeded anything I thought we were capable of."