Pinocchio Comes Alive in New Disney+ Trailer

Disney+ released a second trailer for the upcoming live-action rendition of 'Pinocchio' on Wednesday.

Disney+ released a second trailer for the upcoming live-action rendition of Pinocchio on Wednesday, previewing a land of magical toys and animals headed by Tom Hanks and Cynthia Erivo. 

Hanks fully transforms for his role as Geppetto, the wood keeper who crafts the puppet and treats him as his own son after Erivo's blue fairy brings him to life. In the trailer, the fairy's magical shimmer floats across the wooden toy’s rigid body before he begins to move and speak. When Geppetto realizes what’s happened, he drops a cat he’s holding and falls backward in astonishment. 

Fans also get a peek at Jiminy Cricket, voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who acts as Pinocchio’s guide and conscience. Together, the two characters embark on an adventure in a marionette show that is dubbed “the eighth wonder of the world” at the beginning of the trailer. 

“Why on earth would you want to be real when you can be famous?” asks Honest John, played by Keegan-Michael Key, followed by Geppetto’s voice telling the protagonist, “you will always be my real boy.” 

Disney+ first released a look at Hanks as the puppeteer in March. In the original picture, Geppetto crouches down and gazes at the puppet who sits on a shelf. The 66-year-old actor sports curly gray tresses and an equally gray mustache. The puppet, now animated in live action, is still reminiscent of the animated Disney character from the 1940 classic -- strings and all.   

The film’s all-star cast also includes Lorraine Bracco as Sofia the Seagull (a new character) and Luke Evans as The Coachman. The title role will be played by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth. 

Pinnocchio hits Disney+ on Sept. 8.