Pink Says Her First Girlfriend Left Her for Her Brother

The singer says she was 13 at the time.

Pink's first relationship with a woman didn't turn out as she expected. The 41-year-old pop star appeared on Thursday's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen where a fan asked her, "Have you ever gone in for a swim in the lady pond, and if so, do you still talk to her?"

"My first girlfriend, I was 13, and she left me for my brother," Pink said of her sibling, Jason Moore. "Yeah, I was very confused by that because she kissed me first and that's gross." 

Pink had refused to put a label on her sexuality in the past, telling The Guardian in 2017, "I just wanna live my life. I don't need you to put me in a box or to figure me out or to figure out what I am. 'Cause I don't know yet.. and I never say never."

Pink has been married to her husband, Carey Hart, since 2006. The couple briefly separated in 2008 before announcing in 2010 that they had reconciled. During their separation, Pink released her hit song, "So What," about the breakup, and Hart agreed to be in the video. 

When a fan asked on WWHL if it was hard to get him on board with the project, Pink admitted, "Actually yes because we weren't together and we hadn't spoken in months. He didn't hear the song before the video." 

To make sure her then-estranged husband would continue with the project, Pink made some adjustments at the time. 

"As we were filming, I had the line, 'And you're a tool,' taken out, so he never heard that line either as we were filming," she said. "It was a little shady. I'm OK with it. He's a good sport. He's got thick skin." 

ET's Nischelle Turner recently spoke to the couple about how their relationship has changed since having their two children. 

"Children made us grow up a lot more," Hart told ET. "You can't be young and loose and petty and fighting as much with children, so children definitely made us grow up and prioritize and kind of get in our lane and stay in our lane. So that definitely helped out quite a bit."