Pink Claps Back at Troll Who Says She's 'Getting Old'

The singer quickly shut down a social media troll who had something to say about her age.

Pink is not letting anyone make her feel less than perfect!

On Wednesday, the "Raise a Glass" singer took to X (formally known as Twitter) to shut down any negative conversation about her age.

In response to a tweet by one user that read, "Pink got old," the 44-year-old musician took a moment to remind them that age is nothing but a number. 

"Yes, although I don't feel old, and I still get to wear a leotard to work, growing older is actually my first 'grateful' every day. What a blessing to have life, years," she replied directly to the user. "To be this strong, to be able To still piss off complete strangers just by existing. F*ck yeah times 44!"

In September, Pink got another hater in line, who thought it would be funny to try to troll her birthday post with a picture of Eddie Izzard. Pink reposted the image, replying, "Thank you so much. I just showed my 12 year old daughter your post. I explained to her that I've never met you, I don't know you, and I have no idea why you would go out of your way to be hateful. It was a good lesson in ignorance. Thank you. I still don't know you. Congrats. You're no one."

She added, "MOST IMPORTANTLY -what a wasted opportunity here. There are so many pictures you could've chosen that were actually me that were worse than this picture, you nameless f**ko. At least be creative next time dum dum."

Using the trolling as a larger lesson, the "So What" singer went on to explain why she hits back at the haters.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

"I post these things to show the kids I know- my own kids as well, that we are all occasionally treated badly. I show them because they know me, and they know that my self-esteem does not rely on the opinions of others. Nor does it rely on how many tickets I sell. Good/bad. Whatever. I love me. Now I shall sleep really really well. Night night 💙"

The GRAMMY-winning songstress is showing no signs of slowing down as she is set to embark on the European leg of her Summer Carnival tour in 2024.

In October, Pink shared during an interview with 60 Minutes why she will always go against the grain and fire back in ways that people deem unconventional.

 "I like going against societal norms," she said. "Why can't we ride it till the wheels fall off? That's what I plan on doing."