Pink and Carey Hart's Kids Scale 100-Foot Rock in First Outdoor Climb

The adventure-seeking children 'charged' at the rock, according to their proud dad.

Pink and Carey Hart have two fearless kids! It seems 10-year-old Willow and 4-year-old Jameson have taken up their parents' love of extreme sports and the outdoors. 

On Wednesday, Hart took to Instagram to share some impressive photos of the siblings climbing a massive rock wall outside. 

"Our kids are gnarly," the proud dad captioned the pics. "Willz and Jamo’s first time outdoor rock climbing. Willz was making quick work of this 100ft face, and it was hard to get pics of her since she was charging the top. Check out her stance in these photos." 

Hart's youngest child didn't shy away from the challenge either. 

"Jamo blew me away at how he charged this rock," Hart added. "Under grabs and really thinking his way up the face. The stoke is real."

On Monday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hart also talked about his kids' love of motocross.

"Both of my kids started riding at four and so did I," Hart shared. "As far as following in my footsteps, I can't say I want to see them try to go out and make a career out of motocross, but I do want them to be able to go out and ride motorcycles."