Peter Weber Says He Would Love to See These Bachelor Nation Members On 'The Traitors' (Exclusive)

Peter Weber
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Weber -- dubbed 'Pilot Pete' during his season of 'The Bachelor' -- told ET he has a few names that come to mind.

Peter Weber may not have made it to the end of The Traitors season 2, but he's still pulling for some of his Bachelor Nation family members to give the show a try -- including Jason Tartick, Chris Harrison and one former Bachelorette

In a new interview with ET's Hope Sloop, the 32-year-old former Bachelor opened up about his recent time in Scotland on the Peacock competition series and said that he certainly has a few people in mind for future seasons of the Alan Cumming-hosted show. 

"From who I think could be really good on it… Jason [Tartick], just from like the analytical, smart aspect -- strategic aspect," he said. "I think it'd be really interesting TV to see Chris Harrison be put in the form of a player and have to navigate that -- just with all his experience on TV." 

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Two seasons in, the U.S. version of the competition series has yet to feature a female contestant from Bachelor Nation, which Peter says he would also like to see change. The affectionately dubbed "Pilot Pete" told ET he has just the woman in mind for the job, too.  

"I've also said Hannah -- I think Hannah Brown would be just really good for the show, and just for a multitude of reasons," Peter shared.

The airline pilot made his reality television debut on Brown's season of The Bachelorette back in 2019 and was even her second runner-up before being announced shortly after the season ended as the next Bachelor. Brown has since gone on to appear on Dancing With the Stars and Special Forces: World's Toughest Test, so a potential appearance as a traitor or a faithful in a future season of the game show is not completely out of the question if history proves anything. 

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As for whether or not the "King of the Faithfuls" would be interested in returning to the Peacock show, a la Below Deck's Kate Chastain, or during an all-star season -- which fans are already clamoring for online -- Peter says without any doubt or hesitation, he would be back on a plane to Scotland at a moments notice.  

"Yes, in a heartbeat, I would love to play an all-star season," he said. "I would love to play every season of that show, it was so damn fun." 

In early February, the show was renewed for season 3 and fans -- as well as Cumming and Chastain -- have already begun to throw out names and speculate wildly on which reality stars will next take up the mantle and play the game of lies, deceit and deception.

During a recent interview with ET, Cumming said he would love to have Martha Stewart as a guest in his Scottish castle to play, while Chastain, who has appeared on both U.S. seasons, told ET she wants someone from Vanderpump Rules to give the show a spin. 

"I think they'd be well suited for this game," she said. "I think they're prone to drama, dramatics, and I think they don't mind having an open dialogue that's confrontational -- the same reason that I love watching Vanderpump." 

Meanwhile, Peter says that should he get a call about returning to play, he does have hopes that he could bring back some of his close friends from the show and get to meet some of the legends from season 1. 

"For sure Bergie, I'm taking Bergie, like I would love to to be able to play with Bergie again in an all-star season," he said, referencing Carsten "Bergie" Bergersen, a previous Love Island U.S. player and close ally for Peter during The Traitors season 2. He also says he wants to see the return of everyone else in the "Peter Pals" group from their season, a name given to Peter, Bergie and Trishelle Cannatella, among other contestants who were adamant about hunting down traitors. 

Aside from his own season, he points to season 1 winner Cirie Fields as a worthy adversary, noting she did "an incredible job" flying under the radar as a traitor. Peter would love to also stir up some drama and bring back season 1's Bachelor contestant, Arie Luyendyk, who was betrayed by Cirie in the final moments of the show, causing him to lose out on the $250,000 prize pot. 

"I think it'd be fun as well to get, you know, two Bachelors on with Arie -- that'd be fun," Peter said. "There could be a lot of different twists with that."

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While the show wrapped filming in October, the contestants all recently came back together in Los Angeles for the filming of the special post-mortem reunion, which will air alongside the upcoming finale. Peter told ET that while he could not spoil anything major for obvious reasons, he guarantees big twists and surprises are in store for the dedicated fans who have tuned in week after week. 

"You guys are gonna be surprised, oh for sure,” Peter said of the finale and reunion. "There's specifically, I'll -- I'll give a tease -- a relationship for sure takes a turn that I think nobody sees coming and it was pretty, yeah, it's pretty wild."

The Traitors season 2 finale airs on Thursday, Mar. 7.