Peter Weber Reveals Why He Talked to Hannah Brown While Engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss

Peter Weber
Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

'We were just being supportive of each other.'

Peter Weber is opening up about why he communicated with his ex, Hannah Brown, while he was engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss. The 28-year-old former Bachelor appeared on Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay's Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and said that Sluss' season finale claim that he spoke to Brown while engaged to her was "100 percent true."

Sluss and Weber have since ended their engagement, and Weber briefly dated his runner-up, Madison Prewett, though they've split as well. Weber is currently linked to another one of his former contestants, Kelley Flanagan.

On the podcast, Weber revealed that he began speaking to Brown with Sluss' permission after the former pageant queen messaged him on Instagram.

"Hannah Brown had reached out to me on Instagram and direct messaged me and said, 'Hey, I've just seen the first episode. That was really tough to watch. How are you doing with that? I don't know how I feel about it,'" Weber recalled. "And so when I got that, that's when I went to Hannah Ann and I was like, 'Hey, listen, Hannah Brown reached out to me. I want to see if you're comfortable with me continuing to talk and possibly give her closure, give me closure in all this 'cause of how everything ended. Would you be OK with that?'"

Weber admitted that Sluss "obviously was a little uneasy about it, understandably," but said that his former fiancée signed off on the communication with the stipulation that he and Brown not see each other in person.

"Hannah Brown and I continued to talk through things. She had been getting some negative reactions from the first episode and second one when it actually started airing too. So we were just being supportive of each other," he said. "I've always been that way for Hannah Brown as she's been for me."

The need for closure, Weber said, was mainly on Brown's end.

"When I say closure, I had brought that word up to Hannah Ann just because Hannah Brown was expressing to me that she didn't feel good about watching the episodes," he said. "[I] had had the closure that I needed. Was it tough to watch? Absolutely. But closure wasn't necessarily for me." 

Though he didn't personally feel the need for closure, Weber did say that the conversation he had on camera with Brown -- which aired at the beginning of his season -- came to an abrupt end which was "a little bit weird and odd."

"Back to that first episode and first date, honestly we just ran out of time and we had to go to the night portion of the date later on and the conversation had to get wrapped up," he explained. "It didn't get aired, but I told her, 'I'll leave the show right now... if this is something you want to pursue.' You go from that, you have that serious, serious conversation and then it literally was like, 'All right guys, time's up. We have to wrap this.'"

"We gave each other a hug and just wished each other well and then I left. And that's how it ended," he continued. "It was not the most ideal way to end something like that."

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