'Peter Pan & Wendy': Watch Stars Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson Tour the Jolly Roger (Exclusive)

The latest live-action Disney adaptation debuts April 28 on Disney+.

Peter Pan & Wendy is ready to share the classic J.M. Barrie tale with a whole new generation -- and only ET has a behind-the-scenes look!

Disney's latest live-action adaptation soars onto Disney+ on April 28, but until then, fans can take a look at the film's epic set in this exclusive tour of Captain Hook's famous ship, the Jolly Roger.

And leading the tour? None other than the titular stars of the film: Alexander Molony, who plays Peter, and Ever Anderson, who stars as Wendy Darling.

Peter Pan & Wendy is Molony's debut film, but Anderson has been on movie sets since she was born, as the daughter of actress Milla Jovovich and director Paul W. S. Anderson. In fact, Anderson told ET, it was her mom who surprised her with the news that she'd landed the role.

"I think I'd sort of given up, as it had been such a long time since the auditions," the 15-year-old actress recalled. "But I think I was in actually a violin lesson, and I saw my mom outside coming to pick me up and I thought, 'Why is she here?' She never picks me up, it's usually my dad, and when I went out to meet her, she said, 'You got the part!'"

"I was just silent," she continued. "Inside it was like, 'Oh my god. That is amazing.' And the first thing I said was, 'Can I have a chocolate mousse?' I love chocolate mousse."

The pair prepared for the film by training in both fight and flight, getting them ready to battle swashbuckling pirates and make the iconic flight to Neverland -- a scene director David Lowery named as his favorite from the 1953 animated film.

"I think that the first flight across London is probably the most iconic and the most memorable part of the movie and that's the one part that I really wanted to try to capture in this live-action remake," he shared. "That part is just one of the most innovatively animated sequences in the original, and it really just captures I think the je ne sais quoi of Peter Pan so well that I knew that we had to make sure that we stayed true to that part. Even if we threw everything else out the window."

As for Molony, he said his favorite part of the moviemaking process was "definitely the stunt training" he underwent to fight Jude Law's Captain Hook.

"I've practiced in a revolving room, that's a bit of a surprise," he teased, before naming his other memorable moments. "Of course the sword fighting, and of course the flying -- which, you just need happiness and little bit of pixie dust!"

"My favorite part was flying," Anderson agreed. "As much as I loved, loved the sword fighting, I've always wanted to like fly ever since I was really little, so it was so exciting to actually get to fly."

As the pair gives ET a tour of Captain Hook's infamous boat, they offer up a handful of interesting trivia, including that the 120-foot-long boat took design inspiration from a Swedish warship called The Vasa, which sank shortly after starting its maiden voyage in 1628.

"All the attention to detail here, it's a shame that it's going to be knocked down at some point," Anderson mused.

And while the captain himself wasn't onboard the day ET visited the set, Molony only had kind things to say about his on-screen nemesis.

"He's so nice," he said of Law. "He gets into the character so well, which really helps me play off it for my character. Yeah, he's amazing." 

"I have only done one scene with him... but even then it was just amazing," Anderson added. "He just was Captain Hook, it was so cool. And even when he wasn't on camera, he still played it just so that we could react off of it -- it was fantastic."

The co-stars did, however, come across one pirate on the deck of the Jolly Roger: Jim Gaffigan, who plays the Captain's right-hook man, Mr. Smee -- or, as Gaffigan describes him, "the best looking pirate on the whole ship."

"I run kind of a modeling firm, like all the pirates are really good-looking except for Captain Hook," he teased.

Peter Pan & Wendy flies onto Disney+ on April 28.