Pete Wentz Looks Back on Ashlee Simpson Divorce and Fall Out Boy's Break: It Was Like a Bomb 'Had Gone Off'

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson were married for three years.

Pete Wentz is reflecting on a big time of change. In the latest edition of Nylon, the 43-year-old Fall Out Boy bassist looks back on his band taking a hiatus after "One Direction-level" of success, and his marriage to Ashlee Simpson ending, which happened at the same time. 

"My life was just like… a bomb had gone off in it," the "Dance, Dance" singer tells the magazine. "You’ve atrophied all of these life skills. I was like, 'Oh. You have to figure out how to be happy as an adult.'"

Wentz and Simpson were together from 2008-2011, and they share a son, 14-year-old Bronx.

Since their split, Simpson has gone on to marry Evan Ross, and the couple are parents to Jagger, 7, and Ziggy, 2.

Wentz has also moved on. The musician has been with his longtime partner, Megan Camper, since 2011. Together, they share Marvel, 4, and Saint, 8.

Although Fall Out Boy has entered a new era and Wentz admits that he is riding that current success, he reveals that getting back on the road has become a bit of a challenge as his focus is more on family.

"I was like, I don’t really know if I want to tour anymore," he tells the publication. "The mental part of leaving is much more difficult."

Following the pandemic lockdown, and the new music Fall Out Boy has released, Wentz shares that he is more inspired than ever to take a chance on all things.

"Why don’t you just do the sh*t you want to do?" he says. "Life is so short, and it’s so long, that maybe you should try crazy sh*t because it will break you out of the feeling of nihilism."