Pedro Pascal Can't Stop Cracking Up During 'Community' Reunion Virtual Table Read

community cast reunion

The cast of the fan-favorite NBC comedy reunited for a good cause on Monday.

The Community cast reunited for a virtual table read on Monday -- and things at Greendale were just as hilarious as ever!

Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Donald Glover, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Jim Rash and Ken Jeong, as well as creator Dan Harmon, participated in the event, marking Glover's first Community appearance since he left the show in season 5.

The cast came together via Zoom to read the season 5 episode "Cooperative Polygraphy," a bottle episode in which the study group gathers in the library after Pierce's (Chevy Chase) funeral to hear what he's left them in his will, courtesy of an eccentric estate executor. While the executor was originally played by Walton Goggins in the 2014 episode, he was unavailable for Monday's reading. However, they had just the man(dalorian) for the job: Pedro Pascal!

The cast fell right back into character in the hilarious ep, and Pascal did a great job leading them through Pierce's preplanned interrogation. However, when it came time for the various "bequeathments," he got a little tripped up on one of the script's recurring jokes.

As it turns out, one of the things Pierce left every member of the group was a "liquid nitrogen–cooled cylinder of my hyper-virile sperm," which cracked Pascal up nearly every time he had to deliver the line.

"How the hell did you guys do this?" the actor chuckled as he struggled to get through the bit.

"Anytime that happened, when I watch the episode, I like, died laughing," Glover sympathized, also getting the giggles. "Because it keeps changing, but like, we all know it's coming. Like, 'Here you go!'"

The laughs were for a good cause as Sony pledged a contribution to two charities on behalf of the Community family -- José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods, both of which are helping feed frontline workers and vulnerable communities amid the coronavirus pandemic -- and fans were asked to donate as well, if they are able, to the Community fund

Community, which premiered in 2009, followed seven unlikely strangers who meet in a study group at community college. The show quickly became a cult hit, spinning brilliantly clever storylines from the mind of Harmon and the talents of its star-studded cast. 

While the series finally came to Netflix on April 1, true Greendale fans know the ultimate goal is "six seasons and a movie!"

"Oh, it's happening. We're filming it now. We have a budget of $250 million. We're shooting it in Costa Rica. It's taking place on a large pirate ship," McHale joked of a Community feature when ET chatted with him last month. "Well, I hope it happens. I know that Alison Brie tweeted she got a call from Sony and I think there's a world where it happens, but as you know, a lot has to happen. Scripts have to be written, actors have to be available. I mean, all these steps."

"I would do it in a New York minute," he continued, adding, "It's going to be hard to get a hold of Donald [Glover]... Obviously, Donald became -- I mean, I think people on Mercury know who he is. I know that he's the busiest person I know. You know, your John Olivers and obviously Alison, I mean, everyone has gone on to do shows."

"I know that Dan wants to do it, and I know that he's got so much Rick and Morty to do as well," McHale also noted. "So I don't know when he's going to find the time. But I'd love to do it."

See more in the video below.