Paul Walter Hauser Pays Homage to Late Co-Star Ray Liotta at Golden Globes (Exclusive)

The men co-starred on AppleTV+'s 'Black Bird.'

Paul Walter Hauser is remembering his late co-star. After the 36-year-old actor's Golden Globe win for his work on Black Bird, he opened up to ET's Nischelle Turner about how he paid tribute to Ray Liotta, who died in his sleep in May. He was 67.

"He's in a better place and he's at a much bigger party," Hauser said of his Black Bird co-star. "... Love to the Liotta family."

During his acceptance speech, Hauser spoke about Liotta, referring to the late actor as "Ray Li-freaking-otta."

"Get up! Come on," he told the crowd as they began clapping for Liotta. "Ray Liotta! Ray Liotta, baby!"

When ET spoke to Hauser at the premiere of the AppleTV+ series, he opened up about working with Liotta.

"So many great performances he left behind. Getting to meet him was super cool, he was really generous and funny," he said. "Ray’s just one of those guys -- he just can’t not be Ray. He’s sort of funny without knowing he’s funny sometimes. It was a real joy to be in his presence that short time."

As for his Golden Globes win, Hauser told ET that he feels "spoiled" by the recognition.

"God is good. It was a good night even if I didn't win, but this is pretty gnarly," he said, before sharing what it was like to hear his name being called as the winner.

"It was gnarly," he said. "I walked up and I got to kiss my wife. Spielberg was staring at me. It was just a very surreal moment."