Pamela Anderson Is Ready to Tell Her Story in New Netflix Documentary

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Pamela Anderson will speak her truth. On Wednesday, Netflix announced that the 54-year-old actress "is ready to tell her story in a new documentary."

"The film, which has been in the making for several years, will feature the pop culture icon setting the record straight as she looks back on her professional path and her personal journey," reads the statement from the streaming service. The doc is directed by Ryan White (Ask Dr. Ruth, The Keepers), and promises to be "an intimate portrait" of Anderson's life.

The announcement, which was posted on social media, also included a note from Anderson with a kiss print, which reads, "My life, a thousand imperfections, a million misperceptions. Wicked, wild and lost, nothing to live up to. I can only surprise you. Not a victim, but a survivor -- alive to tell her real story."

News of the documentary comes weeks after the release of Hulu's scripted series, Pam & Tommy, which follows her marriage to Tommy Lee and was promoted as a series that would show another side of the couple's sex tape scandal and the emotional turmoil it had on their lives, Anderson especially. Anderson is portrayed by actress Lily James, while Lee is played by Sebastian Stan. 

Prior to the Feb. 2 debut of Pam & Tommy on Hulu, a source told ET that the "series has been very painful for Pamela Anderson and for anyone that loves her."

"It is shocking that this series is allowed to happen without her approval," the source said. "Pamela has no regrets about her life, but the only thing she would probably erase is this burglary. She feels so violated to this day. It brings back a very painful time for her. Tommy feels fine about the series coming out and is excited to see it. He still doesn't understand how this incident impacts Pamela differently from himself."

For more with Anderson, check out ET's exclusive interview where she talks about her and Lee's sons, 25-year-old Brandon and 24-year-old Dylan, being "protective" of her.


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