Palace Responds to Theories About Kate Middleton's Health and Whereabouts

The Princess of Wales had abdominal surgery in January and has not been seen in public since December.

Kensington Palace is not tolerating the continued speculation about Kate Middleton's health and whereabouts. After her husband, Prince William, chose not attend the memorial service of his late godfather, King Constantine II, due to "a personal matter," there has been speculation about the Princess of Wales and her health, as she has not been seen in public since December.

Earlier this week when it was revealed William would be missing his godfather's memorial service, the Palace told ET that Kate, who underwent abdominal surgery in January, continues to be "doing well." But with the speculation only intensifying, the Palace released another statement to ET on Thursday.  

"We gave guidance two days ago that the Princess of Wales continues to be doing well," the statement reads. "As we have been clear since our initial statement in January, we shall not be providing a running commentary or providing daily updates."

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Kate has not been photographed since Dec. 25 when she attended a Christmas service with William and their three children, Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte, at Sandringham Church in Sandringham, Norfolk.

When initially announcing Kate's abdominal surgery, the Palace noted that it would only be providing an update on the princess' condition if it was "significant." It was also previously shared that the mother of three would not be returning to official royal duties until after the Easter holiday. 

In addition to Kate's condition, William is also dealing with his father, King Charles III's, cancer diagnosis. 

The 75-year-old monarch announced in early February that he has been diagnosed with cancer, though has not shared further specific details. King Charles is currently undergoing treatment and has been advised by his doctors to postpone public duties

At the time of William's absence from the royal event earlier this week, another source told ET that there is no connection between Prince Williams' personal matter and King Charles' health.

William has been taking on more royal duties in the wake of his father's diagnosis. On Thursday morning, the father of three back to work, attending the Western Marble Arch Synagogue to learn about the work of the Holocaust Educational Trust in combating antisemitism in the U.K. The Prince of Wales was photographed with Holocaust survivor Renee Salt. 

William also accepted a bouquet for Kate at the official engagement. 


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