'Outlander' Producer Reveals Why Sam Heughan Was 'Born to Play' Jamie: Watch His Audition Tape (Exclusive)

ET exclusively premieres a sneak peek at Heughan's original casting session for the popular Starz drama.

There was always only one Jamie Fraser.

In ET's exclusive clip from Outlander's season 6 home entertainment release on Tuesday, executive producer Maril Davis details why Sam Heughan, who has played the beloved character since the popular series' inception in 2014, was the perfect guy for the role.

"I remember we were at our offices in Pasadena. You're watching tapes and on the first round of casting, Sam's audition tape came up and we watched it, and we all realized in that moment that this was our Jamie," Davis recalls in the clip. "And all along we assumed we'd never find him. It was like a needle in a haystack. He just popped out right away."

"He wasn't anyone that any of us had seen before. We instantly knew he had the charisma, he had the charm, he had the humor to play Jamie," she continues, before viewers are treated to a snippet of Heughan's original audition for the Starz drama.

"And then we did a video conference with him and immediately, he just jumped off the screen," Davis praises. "Sometimes in this life, there are certain actors out there who were born to play certain parts and Sam Heughan was born to play Jamie Fraser."

Season 6 saw a continuation of Claire and Jamie’s epic fight to protect those they love as they navigated the trials and tribulations of life in the New World. Outlander, which is gearing up for its seventh season, follows the Frasers as they strive to maintain peace and flourish within a colonial society that -- as Claire knows all too well -- is unwittingly marching toward Revolution.

Last week, Heughan took to Twitter to update fans on the progress of making season 7, sharing that they're about halfway finished.

"End of another block of shooting! Halfway through the season. Some really special moments and epic scenes," he teased. "Season 7 will be with the wait…!"

The Outlander: Season 6 Collector's Edition Blu-ray set, Blu-ray and DVD hit shelves Tuesday, Sept. 20.

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