'Outlander': Caitriona Balfe Dishes on Season 5 and Why Cute Cat Adso Is Causing Trouble on Set! (Exclusive)

ET caught up with 'Outlander' star Caitriona Balfe at TIFF while promoting her new film 'Ford v Ferrari' which hits theaters Nov. 15.

Season five of Outlander has a fur-tastic little problem!

We're still five months away from the next season of Starz's beloved time-traveling drama, so when we caught up with Outlander's leading lady, Caitriona Balfe, at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival on Monday, we were determined to get the inside scoop on the show's cutest new character: a kitten named Adso.

"I mean he's awesome!" Balfe gushed to ET's Ash Crossan. "It does create a lot of distractions because we all just want to play with the cat instead of doing any work."

Back in May, Outlander first revealed the purrfect casting on Twitter with a heartwarming photo featuring "wee" Adso, a smoke grey kitten, sitting on the shoulders of star Sam Heughan

In The Fiery Cross -- Diana Gabaldon's fifth book in the Outlander series -- Jaime finds little Adso on the road home back to Fraser's Ridge and he gives the small, precocious cat to his wife, Claire as a gift.

Although he's completely adorable, Balfe admits that her new co-star is quite the little troublemaker on set!

"He plays hard to get all the time, so it's really quite embarrassing because it's just Sam and I trying to get its attention and it's like, 'Whatever!'" the brunette beauty says with a laugh. "He just wants to like find a spot in front of the fire and not play with us."

Fickle felines aside, Balfe is confident that fans are going to love the fifth season of Outlander

"The season is really really good," she promises. "Last season was really setting up the fact that the Frasers were in Fraser's Ridge and that they were starting to settle."

"This year is really about this family coming to terms with a lot of consequences of things that happened last season," Balfe continues, "But there's a settled nature to it and I think it's a really strong, strong season. We're almost done which is crazy, but I think people are going to be really happy."

For those fans who cannot wait until February to see Balfe on their screens, you can catch her this November alongside Matt Damon and Christian Bale in the fast-paced flick Ford v Ferrari

Balfe plays Bale's on-screen wife, Mollie Miles, and even though there's a whole lot of fast cars in the film, the actress says she has not caught the "need for speed" since wrapping the movie.

"Well, the few people who know me know that I have quite an intimate relationship with the California DMV from quite a few years ago," Balfe says coyly, "So I learned my 'need for speed' lessons back then."

"I may have picked up a ticket here or there," she adds with a smile.

Fans can catch Balfe in Ford v Ferrari in theaters on Friday, Nov. 15 and season five of Outlander premieres Sunday, Feb. 16 on Starz.