'Our Kind of People' Sneak Peek: Teddy and Tyrique Have a Tense Discussion About Trust (Exclusive)

Joe Morton and Lance Gross 'Our Kind of People' exclusive clip

Joe Morton's Teddy Franklin has a lot to say when it comes to his family, just not to their faces. 

Our Kind of People returns from a brief hiatus on Tuesday, and ET has an exclusive clip of what's in store for fans. The Fox drama picks up with Teddy's continued attempts to connect with Angela (Yaya DaCosta) and Nikki (Alana Kay Bright) as the patriarch's Parkinson's is starting to get in his way. In our sneak peek, Teddy speaks with Lance Gross' Tyrique, whom he regards almost as a son, about family and trust. 

"This is a knot of my own design. My demands on those closest to me can take a toll on those closest to me," Teddy tells the younger man, referencing Tyrique and Angela becoming entangled after he asked the younger man to place cameras in Angela's salon, spying on her. Tyrique notes that, unlike his father whom Teddy entrusted with a job that eventually led to his death, the Franklin patriarch just sent him to spy on his daughter. 

"I sent you to spy on Angela because I trusted you," he answers. "Trust means a great deal to me, especially if you're seeing my daughter. You know, if she has trust in you, one day she will come and place her trust in me."

"Spying on Angela isn't the way to gain her trust or get to know her," Tyrique points out. "You've been absent her whole life."

Teddy concedes his point but says he won't let the truth stop him from getting Angela and Nikki "a cotillion week to remember."

Considering how often things quickly turn on the drama series, there's no doubt that the episode's cotillion will be one that no one forgets!

After all, Olivia (L. Scott Caldwell) plans to confront Alex (Melissa De Sousa), who, in turn, drops a bombshell on Leah (Nadine Ellis) about her former marriage to Raymond (Morris Chestnut). And Tyrique will discover a shocking secret about his father’s past that will probably paint the heroic story of his death doing errands for Teddy in a dark light.

Tune in to see the all-new episode titled "For Colored Boys…" tonight. Our Kind of People airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. For more, watch below.


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