Ordinary Habit Co-Founders Explain Why Luxury Puzzles and Playing Cards Are Part of Their Self-Care Routines

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Echo and Teresa Hopkins
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Ordinary Habit co-founders Teresa and Echo Hopkins share their self-care must-haves including luxury puzzlers playing cards, and more.

Play every day! Ordinary Habit founders, and mother daughter duo, Teresa and Echo Hopkins are all about carving out time for self-care with their gorgeous jigsaw puzzles, matching cards, journals, and more.

"We became fans of doing puzzles in our daily lives. I did them at my office as a way to take a break from screens and emails, and my mom did them in the morning as she started her day," Echo tells ET.

From there, the pair realized they wanted to share those same feelings of relaxation and satisfaction with others, but in a luxurious and creative way. 

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"The art we curate to feature on our puzzles and matching cards is meant to be playful and colorful and also more often than not, depict calming or playful scenes. There's something about piecing together the illustration that draws you in and makes you feel like you are experiencing the same lovely moment as the art," Teresa notes. 

"By making a habit of something that brings joy into our day, we can start to find meditative relief in playful ways," Echo explains.

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Other than completing puzzles and playing cards, the co-founders rely on a variety of activities to feel their absolute best.  

"I have a strong and consistent yoga practice and find it really helps me to see things more clearly, as well as understand myself better when things don't seem to make sense. … I also try to remember to stop every hour to get up and move around for a few minutes. It helps my body to not ache and also gives me a breather to reset the mind," Teresa shares.

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"I try to be gentle with myself in the morning and always take time to read before I dive into work. It could be for 10 minutes or longer. When I can’t seem to slow my mind down, I write everything down. Our For Now Journal is an amazing tool because it’s prompted. Sometimes a blank page can be daunting," Echo adds.

If you’re looking to amp up your own wellness routine, the brand also offers candles, bath sets, mugs, teas, pillows, and special, curated bundles.

Emily Karian + Guilermo Cano

"Having tools for practicing self-care helps when things seem a bit overwhelming. … It’s important to seek out moments where we can slow our thoughts, laugh, play and remember that life really is a beautiful thing even when it appears to be overwhelming," Teresa explains.

"Without taking time for ourselves, we can’t be the best versions of us out in the world. You don’t always need an hour to sit in a quiet room, with your eyes closed. These moments can be found alone, with others, for five minutes, or five hours," Echo continues.

Ordinary Habit partners with different artists to illustrate their puzzles and donates a portion of sales to groups that support emotional and mental wellness on a recurring basis, with current proceeds going to The Loveland Foundation.