'One Margarita' Rapper on Song's Viral Success and Landing Cindy Crawford for the Music Video (Exclusive)

That Chick Angel's wild song took off on TikTok, and she opened up to ET about the viral fame.

From a random freestyle to a viral mega-hit. Rapper and TikTok sensation  That Chick Angel's popular single, "One Margarita," has taken on a wild life all its own.

That Chick Angel -- whose real name is Angel Laketa Moore -- recently opened up to ET's Deidre Behar about creating the now-viral song, which features Saucy Santana on the remix, and how the track first came to be.

"It all started in late May," she recalled. "I was on my podcast... and we were covering a viral video at the time... and it was with Sister Cindy, who has her own big internet following, who is a very vivacious bold minister that preaches on campuses about abstinence."

"In the video, she was just talking about the dangers of alcohol and how women just become out of their mind with sexual acts... and when I heard it, right before we started the show, in my head I was like 'Hmm, this feels more like the inspiration of a rap song,'" said Moore. "I knew, once I did the freestyle, I was like, 'Somebody is going to want to put a beat underneath this.' So I cut it out of the episode, posted it on my social media account and lo and behold."

"The two musical geniuses Casa Di, also known as Carl Dixon and Steve Terrell, they composed a beat and helped create this beast of a song that it's become today," she added.

The song has been streamed over 10 million times and over 60,000 videos on TikTok have used the sound. But Angel said that the moment she really realized how big a deal the song had become was when "Lizzo was shaking her sexy tail to the song."

Among the many artists who have used the track in their videos was Janelle Monae, which was particularly incredible for Moore.

"It is insane. Like literally, this summer, I was watching Janelle Monae on stage at Essence, so to [see] a month later she is like grooving to something that the three of us put together just is mind-blowing," Moore marveled. "I have always considered myself an artist and an entertainer, so I know I have these bits inside of me, but it's still kind of crazy to like see it become what it's become."

While the raunchy lyrics have drawn some criticism for being overtly sexual -- which was the whole point from the inception of the freestyle -- Moore said she's just happy to have made something people enjoy.

"Regardless of what people's perceptions of the song is, the overwhelming feeling of the song is that it's fun. It makes people happy," she shared. "If I put a smile on somebody's face, or make them just feel a little bit of lightness in their day, I am doing what I am supposed to do."

The song also amped up the star power when it came time to create the music video -- and they managed to get iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford to be a part of it.

"All this came from a relationship that the label [Giant Music] had with Casamigos [tequila,]" Moore explained. "Obviously, Cindy has a relationship with Casamigos because of her husband, and they loved the song."

Crawford's husband, Rande Gerber, co-founded Casamigos with George Clooney and Mike Meldman in 2013.

"She was like, 'I asked my kids, [who are in their 20s], should I do the music video?' And they were like, 'Yes you should do it!' And she was like, 'Sometimes, you can't play it safe,'" Moore recalled. "Cindy Crawford is one of the premiere definitions of beauty of just elegance. She is just the supermodel...  I still can't believe it. When she walked onto that set I was like, 'This is not real! Is this real life right now?'"

Despite the wild success of the song, Moore isn't ready to sit back and just ride the wave. She's ambitious and knows what she wants to take on in the near future.

"[My goal] is to make an even bigger splash in the music industry, because I have always loved music," she shared. "Another big goal of mine is to not just be seen as an artist, which is great, [but] I am also a businesswoman. So seeing how all this can parlay into something bigger something."

"And [what] was always my goal is that I find ways to take these opportunities and make a better life for my family," she added. "So if it's with my boys, allowing them to experience things that I didn't experience when I was younger, visit places in the world that I didn't get to experience. Same thing with my husband, us being able to buy more opportunities for our family."

"One Margarita (Margarita Song)" featuring Saucy Santana is available now on all streaming platforms.