OJ Simpson Gives a 'Hypothetical' Account of the Night Nicole Brown Simpson Was Killed

In 2006, Simpson gave an interview that has never been seen until now.

In 2006, O.J. Simpson gave an interview where he opened up about the night that his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman were killed.

On Sunday, Fox will air the two-hour special, O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?, which will feature the never-before-seen interview with publisher Judith Regan in which Simpson gives a "hypothetical" account of what occurred on the evening of June 12, 1994. At the time, the sit-down was in promotion of Simpson's book, If I Did It, that Regan edited.

In 1995, Simpson was found not guilty in the murders of Goldman and his ex-wife, though two years later, he was found liable for their deaths in a civil trial, and was ordered to pay over $33 million to the families of the victims. 

"It's not easy to discuss," he says when asked to talk about that night. In his "hypothetical" scenario, Simpson says a man named Charlie told him that something was "going on" at Brown's house and he thought, "Well, whatever is going on over there has got to stop."

In another preview for the special, Simpson continues, "I do remember I grabbed the knife. I do remember that portion."

He adds, "Where are the bloody clothes? You got to get rid of the bloody clothes."

Further talking about the blood, Simpson says, "We've all seen the grisly pictures after. So, yeah, I think everything would have been covered in blood." 

Simpson also opens up about Brown Simpson's wake and leaning over and kissing her. "It was tough, I just remember seeing her there and I still had so many feelings of  ...if you're angry with a person upon their death, if you're angry with someone about whatever is going on in your life, when they die, it's not like that anger disappears," he tells Regan. 

As for what he said when he leaned over to kiss Brown Simpson, the former NFL pro claims that he was told that he said "I'm sorry," but notes, "I don't know that I said anything to be honest with you."

In an outtake from the special obtained by TMZ, Regan talks about how she managed to land an interview with Simpson and why he chose to title his book, If I Did It.

Regan claims that Simpson's attorney told her flat out that Simpson was ready to confess to the murders of Brown Simpson and Goldman.

"The only condition was that he didn't want to call the book I Did It. He wanted to put an 'if' in front of it, so that he would have deniability with his children," Regan says. "He couldn't face his children and he couldn't tell them that he had done it. That was the way it was portrayed to me." 

On Oct. 1, Simpson, 70, was released from prison after serving a nine-year sentence for his part in a botched hotel-room heist of sports memorabilia in Las Vegas in September 2007.