Nicki Minaj's Manicurist Yvett Garcia Says the Rapper Switches Up Her Nails for 'Every Occasion'

Nicki Minaj's manicurist, Yvett Garcia, told ET that the rapper changes her nail looks for every occasion and revealed how she does it.

Nailed it! Nicki Minaj's manicurist, Yvett Garcia, sat down with ET to share the nail trends the rapper can’t get enough of and why she is constantly changing the "Super Bass" songstress' manis.

For starters, Garcia, who also holds the title of Creative Director of Pink Friday Nails, relies on the luxurious press-ons — which are available in different shapes, sizes, and lengths — to easily revamp the hit maker's looks.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

"The beauty of press-ons is that you get to try out bolder designs or new shapes and lengths you may not want to keep permanently," Garcia said.

"Sometimes Nicki changes her nails daily and sometimes she changes them weekly. … It varies. … She has new nails for every occasion," the celebrity nail artist continued.

While the duo doesn’t hold back when it comes to trying out funky manicures, they also have their tried and true looks.

Pink Friday Nails

"We've done a few wild designs like the Kawaii set on "Super Freak," but one of my favorites was a set we did with tons of gold chains and bling for a promo video,” Garcia shared.

As for Minaj's go-to: "She loves bold, long, blinged-out nails or simple one-color matte nails."

And luckily, the 41-year-old's fans can recreate these same manicures with the help of the high-quality nail kits filled with nail glue, a cuticle stick, a nail file, a buffer, and a cleansing pad.

Pink Friday Nails

"We have bold bling and charm designs that you don’t really see on press-ons. … We also have beautiful chrome designs, as well as some cool cat eye nails that look almost velvety," Garcia noted.

But when it comes to the trends you can skip, the manicurist believes it's time to leave duck nails behind.

"They're personally not my favorite. I’ve seen them trending lately with all the Y2K fashion, but I'm so ready for them to go back to the 2000s. Sorry, guys," she joked.