Nick Jonas Reveals 'Surprisingly Difficult' Tradition From His Wedding to Priyanka Chopra

The actor tied the knot with Priyanka Chopra in 2018.

Nick Jonas is looking back on his wedding. The singer, who wed Priyanka Chopra in a multi-day celebration back in 2018, reveals the "surprisingly difficult" part of his nuptials in a new interview.

"There's this one moment in Indian weddings where the bride and groom are lifted on the shoulders of their family members and there's sort of a game that's played where this garland is put on each other," he tells People. "They try to be the first to put the garland on the other. And it's surprisingly difficult, especially when you have someone as competitive as me and Pri. But whoever is the one to put it on first, that side of the family is the more dominant."

"So it's really for the family members to feel pride and that's just a funny game," he adds. "But it's really heartwarming and a great way for the families to all connect."

In addition to the Indian ceremony, the couple tied the knot in Western wedding, which was officiated by Jonas' dad, Kevin Jonas Sr. The experience of incorporating different traditions into their nuptials helped Jonas to see "how similar the different religions actually are and the ceremonies themselves have a lot of heart."

"That allowed us to really connect with our families and with each other," he says, "which is the most important thing."

The couple grew their family in January 2022, welcoming a daughter, Malti, via surrogate. Then, in July of that year, Jonas opened up about fatherhood in an interview with ET.

"It is certainly life changing. [Malti] is amazing. It brings me a lot of joy," he said. "All is good."

Now the singer is back to work and on tour with Jonas Brothers. Being a dad on tour, Jonas told ET earlier this month, is "an adjustment."

"But it's incredible and it's exciting to figure out," he added. "It's going to be amazing."