EXCLUSIVE: Nick Lachey and 98 Degrees Open Up About Their Kids Following In Their Musical Footsteps

The band has spent 20 years in the spotlight, but don't necessarily want their kids doing the same.

98 Degrees has spent years in the spotlight, but do they want their kids following in their footsteps?

ET's Sophie Schillaci caught up with the band in Los Angeles last month, where they opened up about fatherhood and the advice they would give their kids if they ever wanted to pursue a
career in Hollywood.

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Nick Lachey has already done the reality TV show route, but with three kids, he now says those days are behind him.

"It's one thing to do it when you're just a young person and you're in this business, but when you have a family, your sole job is to kind of look out for your kids," he explained. "I just feel like that's not the place for them to be, on a show that's in their lives and it's just not normal."

"There's nothing normal about that, so as a parent, the responsible thing to do is to definitely steer away from that," he added.

For now, Nick's three young children are just enjoying being kids.

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"My daughter, especially, dotes on him and loves him and hugs him, sometimes a little too tight," Nick said of welcoming his third child with wife Vanessa, son Phoenix, last December. "Then Cam is now kind of realizing he is going to have this younger brother, and at some point, he can teach him how to play cars and ride scooters."

"They're both doing really well [with a younger sibling]," he added. "It's a lot of fun to have three in the house."

Nick's brother, Drew, has two kids of his own, and revealed that "unfortunately" they're pretty musically inclined.

"I was hoping for medicine, maybe law," he confessed.

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"That could still happen," Nick noted. "But my kids are definitely musical and love it. My daughter's like a theater junkie."

Jeff Timmons, who has three kids of his own, said that his daughter, Alyssa, is pursuing a different path in Hollywood.

"My daughter has now transitioned into becoming a model all of a sudden," he shared. "Like, right out of the blue. She was wanting to get in the medical field, like Drew was talking about, and then overnight she decided to become a model and it's tough."

"I mean, having experienced the business, as you know, it's a tough business and you don't want anybody to experience the lower parts of it," Timmons added. "The high highs are great, but the lower parts are really tough, so trying to stand back as an experienced person in the business and watch her do her thing is tough, but also giving her advice, so it's a fine line. I have trouble figuring out where to cross on it."

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"Plus, they don't want to listen," Drew chipped in. "Mom and Dad don't know anything, ever, about anything."

"You can try to steer them in another direction, but then they say, 'Well, Dad, you did it,'" Jeff said.

Jeff and the rest of the band definitely did a lot in their day -- and aren't necessarily proud of it! See their style regrets in the video below.