Jaime Pressly Is Pregnant With Twins, Admits It Was a 'Complete Shock'

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Jaime Pressly Is Pregnant With Twins, Admits It Was a 'Complete Shock'

Jaime Pressly is expecting!

The 39-year-old actress is pregnant with twins boys with boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi, she tells People. Pressly says the news was shocking to both her and Hijazi, and that she didn't undergo IVF.

"Twins don't run on either side of our families, so we were completely shocked," Pressly says. "This wasn't IVF or anything like that. It was just a shock, and I'm like, 'Doctor, that's impossible!'"

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However, Pressly says she and her longtime love have been trying for a baby "for quite a while." The Mom star already has a 10-year-old son, Dezi James, with ex Eric Calvo.

"I've always wanted three kids and the older I'm getting, I'm like, 'OK, maybe just one more would be nice,'" she says. "I was getting a little sad, but it was like, 'We'll give you two in one. You don't have to do another pregnancy.'"

"God cutting me some slack," she jokes.

Pressly says she's definitely felt the differences between her current pregnancy and her first one a decade ago. She is due in the fall.

"They've been doing, like, Riverdance on my uterus!" she says of her twins. "I'm excited to do this 10 years later when I'm older and wiser and more calm. It's going to be a totally different experience, but a great one. I'm so excited for it!"

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