3 of the Wildest Moments From 'Britney Ever After' -- Including Celebs' Hilarious Reactions!

The internet was not impressed with the Britney Spears biopic. Just ask Sarah Michelle Gellar...

The much-awaited Lifetime Television biopic for Britney Spears, Britney Ever After, aired over the weekend -- and the internet had a lot to say about it.

There were plenty of memorable moments in the two-hour flick depicting the pop princess' romance with Justin Timberlake and the lead up to her 2007 public meltdown. Besides not having Britney's stamp of approval -- and none of the rights to her music -- Britney Ever After played fast and loose with the truth (smartphones in 2001, anyone?), sparking some cries of "alternative facts" from miffed fans.

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Here are three of the wildest moments from the biopic:

1. The sex tape!

After a break-in, Justin (Nathan Keyes) realizes that the thieves have taken "the tapes," and Britney's father reacts with horror that his "little girl was in a boudoir video."  But without Brit Brit's own seal of approval on this movie, there’s a lot to doubt about the truth of this claim. Still, fans were shook. 

2. The Dance Battle?

In 2002, a story circulated in the press that Britney and Justin met at a Los Angeles club after their breakup and had a dance battle... but it never actually happened. That didn't stop Britney Ever After from including it in the movie, leaving fans unimpressed. 

3. Iconic Outfit Fails

Part of Britney’s legend is her iconic outfits and performances. Like the famous all-denim look she and JT sported to the American Music Awards in 2001 or her many VMAs outfits, like the barely-there nude sequins from 2000 or the lacy wedding night get-up she wore onstage for her kiss with Madonna in 2003. A generous interpretation of Britney Ever After's recreations would be that they were inspired by the originals.

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Even Chris Crocker, aka the "leave Britney alone" guy, weighed in.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was really here for it.

Here are a few more of our favorite celebrity reactions from throughout the night.

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