Minnie Driver Says She Was Physically Assaulted as a Teen: 'He Punched Me'

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Minnie Driver is telling her story and standing by victims of assault. The British actress, 46, recently visited SiriusXM’s StandUP! with Pete Dominick where she recounted an experience she had shortly after turning 17 while on vacation in Greece.

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“This guy came, and he kind of elbow grabbed me and he said, ‘You’re going to dance with me.’ And I said, ‘No,’” she recalled. “And I pulled my arm away from him and he grabbed me by the back of my hair and I tried to kick him and he punched me.”

Driver noted that the police were called and the man was arrested, but added that she didn’t feel the male officers took her situation seriously.

“They’re like, ‘Sure if you want to come back to Athens and press charges,’ but the way they presented it was, this guy was just having a good time and if you’d gone along with it, it would have been fine,” she said. “If you’d just danced with him, you wouldn’t be in this position that you’re in now. And I think that’s the way it’s framed for most young women.”

The Oscar nominee went on to say that every woman she knows has experienced some form of assault in their lifetime.

“When you’re 17, 18, you’re going out, the idea of unwanted male attention is something that you’re supposed to put up with because it is somehow your role that a guy can come and touch you,” she said. “He can put his hand way too far down the small of your back so that his hand is kind of going into your butt and that that’s alright. That you can be shepherded, herded, touched, mauled. I think young women have been belittled when they’ve said something. I remember getting called a ‘prude.’”

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Driver certainly isn’t the first to speak out about her own personal experiences, especially in light of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s leaked 2005 Access Hollywood tape.

Actress Amber Tamblyn also penned a graphic essay about how her ex sexually assaulted her, using a photo of Trump kissing a Miss Universe winner to illustrate her point.

For more from Tamblyn’s moving essay, watch the video below.

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