Jordana Brewster Is Embarrassed by 3-Year-Old Son Dropping F-Bombs, But Proud He Uses It in the Right Context


In raising her two sons, Julian and Rowan, Jordana Brewster might be teaching them a few things that she regrets.

During her Tuesday appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, The Fast and the Furious star revealed that her 3-year-old son, Julian, has picked up one of her habits.

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"Julian drops the F-bomb a lot," Brewster admitted. "I'm a New Yorker so I have a potty mouth and my husband's constantly telling me, 'Jordana, you have to clean it up.' I'm so petrified what's going to come out of his mouth, what he's going to say."

While she's hoping to keep him from using the word, she is proud of how he uses it.

"I do have to give my son credit, because he does use it in context - and in the correct context," she said.

Brewster and her husband, producer Andrew Form, are also the parents to 3-month-old Rowan, and they couldn't be more proud of how Julian has reacted to being a big brother.

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"He's been really good," Brewster gushed. "He's been very, very sweet. He asks for his baby ... Julian was eating in his high chair when we came home and he was like, 'Where's my brother?' That's the first thing he said."

If Julian follows in his mother's footsteps career-wise, he might find himself as the next big action star. Brewster revealed that her son has developed a keen interest in superheroes.

"He says he wants to go to bed with Wonder Woman. He just loves her," Brewster said with a laugh. "He's very adult."

Julian loves superheroes so much that his parents hired Wonder Woman, Spiderman and Batman to come to his birthday party.

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"He was very shy around [Wonder Woman]. He was like a little gentleman," Brewster said. "Then later he regretted that he didn't hug her. So he wants a redo."

Late Night With Seth Meyers airs weeknights on NBC.