Erykah Badu Believes Teen Girls Should Wear Longer Skirts So 'Male Teachers Are Not Distracted'

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Erykah Badu isn't afraid of a fiery Twitter debate.

The 45-year-old singer prompted passionate responses from the Twitter-verse after sharing her thoughts on enforcing a more modest dress code for teenage girls. Read her full statement below.

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"There was an article ruling that high school girls lower their skirts so male teachers are not distracted. I agree because I am aware that we live in a sex I-driven society.

It is everyone's, male and female's, responsibility to protect young ladies. One way to protect youth is to remind them we are all sexual in nature and as they grow and develop it is natural to attract men. It is not them who is doing anything wrong by being beautiful and attractive, but with such imbalance in our society it is smart to be aware and awake.

Men and women both go thru cycles of arousal. Men automatically are attracted to women of child bearing age. I want my daughters to understand this. I want them to be themselves and wear what they like, yet be aware. Not ignore our differences.

Males should be taught to be responsible for their actions from childhood. It's not OK to 'prey' on young women. But do I think it is unnatural for a heterosexual male to be attracted to a young woman in a revealing skirt? No. I think it is his nature.

Consequently, we must all be aware and responsible. We must protect our young women. We must teach our young men. If I had a school I would make sure that the uniform skirt length was a nice knee length. It is fair to everyone. Young women, you are beautiful. Young men, you are beautiful. Protect one another."

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In fielding responses from her followers, Badu continued to double down on her claim that females of a "child bearing age" will "naturally attract healthy males."

She also joked that all the attention had her wishing she "had some s**t to sell right now." 

Badu is no stranger to drumming up headline-worthy controversy. The neo soul songstress took shots at Iggy Azalea while hosting the Soul Train Awards late last year, declaring that the Aussie rapper's style of music was "definitely not rap." 

Azalea wasted no time in firing back, tweeting "We are days away from 2016, but I came online today and saw its still cool to try and discredit my 2014 accomplishments. LOL, f**king hell."

See the quip in question for yourself in the player below.