Iggy Azalea Fires Back After Erykah Badu Diss: It's Cool to Try and Discredit My Accomplishments


Here we go...

Iggy Azalea has fired back with a Twitter rant after Erykah Badu dissed her at the Soul Train Awards on Sunday.

"What you’re doing is definitely not rap,” the 44-year-old soul singer joked about the embattled Australian rapper at the show. The audience was generally supportive of the shade, although some came to Iggy's defense on Twitter.

The 25-year-old rapper stayed silent about the diss until Tuesday, writing, "We are days from 2016, but i came online today and saw its still cool to try and discredit my 2014 accomplishments. LOL, f**king hell."

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After acknowledging that it's "been awhile," Iggy added, "Seems exhausting. Anyway - Ive been enjoying the holiday season and i hope you all have too."

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The rapper says she has new music in the works but is dealing with complications from her label, writing, "I dont really know what im doing with my music release; but im finished (except for getting the features recorded)," adding, "Right now i live in america and am very close to the Def Jam team; but im actually signed out of the UK. Things are complicated."

"Im ready with my music but i am also trying to restructure some things to work smoother and better for me," she continued. "So we are all kind of still just figuring out how things should work and id guess thats going to take a few weeks."

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Iggy then offered a "rando" comment that "Lady gaga looks beautiful in her holiday commercial with Tony and its put me in the christmas spirit."

Then she gave a sadder update that her horse may have Lyme disease.

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Finally Iggy signed off, writing, "I'll let you guys know if i get any updates, but if not... see you next year! enjoy the rest of 2015. xoxo."

Iggy has been laying low since rapper T.I. distanced himself from her in September, admitting that he no longer speaks to his onetime protege after a string of negative publicity.

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Iggy canceled her Great Escape tour in May, and has had various spats with rapper Q-Tip, Papa John's Pizza, and Steve Madden. In August, Iggy said that the negative attention proved she's still "relevant."

Watch the video below for more on Erykah's diss.