Cate Blanchett Makes Falling in Love With Rooney Mara Look Oh So Pretty in 'Carol' Trailer


This is the 1950s lesbian love story we’ve been waiting for.

The first teaser trailer for Carol, the period drama starring Cate Blanchett, is here, and it is breathtakingly beautiful. The movie won Rooney Mara the Best Actress award at Cannes this year and earned director Todd Haynes (Mildred Pierce) a Palme d'Or nomination. From this first look alone, we already understand why:

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There’s not much dialogue or explanation in the way of plot, but it’s so pretty:


And clearly sets the mood. Plus, Blanchett was born to wear vintage fur coats:


Anyway, here’s the plot:

“Set against the glamorous backdrop of 1950s New York, 'Carol' is an achingly beautiful depiction of love against the odds, a powerful drama about a married woman who risks everything when she embarks on a romance with a younger department store worker.”

Not that it necessarily matters; we were going to see it anyway. Even the title card is gorgeous!


hits theaters Nov. 27.

Now, find out why Blanchett responded to the frenzy over whether or not she’s had sexual relationships with women with a resounding, “Who cares?”

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