CeeLo Green's New Single 'Robin Williams' Honors Late Comedian

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CeeLo Green is back.

Who knew CeeLo Green was such a big Robin Williams fan?

The 41-year-old singer dropped his new single "Robin Williams" on Friday, its lyrics paying tribute to the late comedian who died last August at age 63. The song is off his upcoming album Heart Blanche -- his first full-length release in nearly five years -- out Nov. 13. It's also his first single since receiving three years probation last August, when he pleaded no contest to furnishing ecstasy to a woman in 2012.

"I'm afraid of not being able to laugh anymore," CeeLo sings, " ... We don't know what the next man's going through/Wish I could say it in a plainer way/Life reminds me of Robin Williams/ We've got to laugh the pain away."

Williams died after committing suicide at his home in Paradise City, California.

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"'Robin Williams' is a homage to our humanity," CeeLo said in a statement, "centered around the strength it takes to smile in the face of adversity."

The video accompanying the single is also pretty unique. The former Voice coach paired up with media and technology company, Interlude, to make a trippy video that allows viewers to watch as the single’s lyrics are typed into the Google search bar while simultaneously letting them click seamlessly between Google, Google Images, Google Shopping, and Google Videos.

Trust us, you just have to experience it for yourself.

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ET caught up with Williams' son, Zak Williams, last November, when he opened up about his father's legacy for the first time ever. Watch below: