EXCLUSIVE: Nick Cannon Jokes About Mariah Carey Divorce in Epic Pete Wentz Rap Battle

Things get real on Wednesday's episode of 'Wild 'N Out.'

It seems safe to say that Nick Cannon is keeping a sense of humor about his divorce.

Mariah Carey's ex makes light of their split on Wednesday's episode of Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out, while simultaneously slamming his rap battle opponent, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz.

"Pinto, I'm a Porsche. Puppy, I'm a horse," Cannon rhymes in the rap battle. "The difference between me and you -- I came up in my divorce."

(Wentz split from then-wife Ashlee Simpson in 2011, while Cannon and Carey called it quits in late 2014.)

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But don't feel too bad for the FOB lyricist. He definitely gets some punches in, too.

"Hey Nick, I make music for white people too -- it's fine," he raps. "The only real difference is, people actually buy mine."


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You can see the whole thing go down when Wild 'N Out airs on Wednesday, June 24, at 11 pm ET/PT on MTV2. The show's 10th anniversary season premiere marked the network's most-watched day in history, and just last week Nicki Minaj's ex Safaree Samuels felt the burn when cast members took him to task over the high-profile breakup.

Wentz may take some heat on the show this week, but 2015 has so-far been pretty good to the 36-year-old. ET caught up with Wentz and FOB's Patrick Stump earlier this year to talk career milestones and the success of their latest album. Watch below.