Seth MacFarlane Calls Charlize Theron's Son What?!


A Million Ways to Die in the West co-stars Seth MacFarlane and Charlize Theron appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for an episode airing Wednesday, in which they revealed Seth's interesting nickname for Charlize's son.

"Seth calls him the little Republican," said Charlize. "Because he's just always saying, 'No.'"

Charlize, 38, adopted her son Jackson in 2012, but the little tot is already recognizing his mama on billboards.

"I was driving him to kindergarten two days ago and we were stopping and he was like, 'Mama, Mama, Mama,' pointing at the posters," said Charlize. "[It was] the one of all four of us and we were at a light and he said, 'Mama wears cowboy hat.'"

Seth directed and co-wrote the film which follows the exploits of a cowardly sheep farmer (Seth), who must find his courage after he backs out of a gunfight and his girlfriend (Amanda Seyfried) leaves him.

A Million Ways to Die in the West opens May 30. Giovanni Ribisi, Neil Patrick Harris and Sarah Silverman, Wes Studi, Gilbert Gottfried, Bill Maher and Christopher Lloyd also star.