Laila Ali Talks Aging Well

Laila Ali Talks Aging Well

In part two of Laila Ali's new interview with Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, the boxer and former Dancing with the Stars contestant talks about being 35 and looking forward to aging with grace and good health.

When it comes to aging, Laila tells Dr. Lewis-Hall, "I'm 35 years old now… and I know that the next 10, 15 years is going to go by quickly. So for me, I want to stay fit, I want to be healthy, I want to be active, I want to be independent, even when I'm 65. And I see people doing it, so I know that I can."

Laila already has a road map laid out, partially inspired by her parents. She plans to age well by educating herself, thinking about her health, and also exercising restraint when it comes to her diet. "It's what you do 90 percent of the time that matters," Laila points out in the interview for the Health Studio series.

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Ultimately, her main focus for staying healthy is her family, telling Dr. Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer for Pfizer, that she wants to be around not just for her two small children, but also for their children someday.

Of who she wants to be as she ages, she says, "I want to be who I am now, except wiser. ... I want to have that great quality of life, not just be alive -- I want to be living.

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