Seth Green's Real-Life Comic-Con Love Story

Seth Green's Real-Life Comic-Con Love Story

Though Comic-Con is a huge deal for fans everywhere, for Seth Green it holds an even more special place in his heart -- it's where he met his wife, actress Clare Grant!

"I was having a rough Con because of the steady intrusion of Hollywood and all the parties and things. I was getting mad and calling all my friends and saying, 'Where is the no BS party?,'" Seth recalls of their 2007 encounter. "And [producer Jeff Katz] came back and said, 'In my room,' so, I hiked over there, and there were like eight people there and she was one of them. We wound up seeing each other all over the Con and all our different panels."

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"We just really bonded," Clare adds.

And their Comic-Con love story definitely played a part in their 2010 wedding.

"I will admit I requested to have action figures on all of the centerpieces at all of our tables," she smiles. "We had different sets of action figures for different sets of people."

But it was their intricate wedding cake that's guaranteed to have stolen the show.

"He made us action figures in our likeness and gave me Sailor Moon's dress from Sailor Moon's Princess Serenity," she explains.

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"And then we both had vacuum metal eyes, katanas [Japanese swords], and we stood atop the cake, protecting it from a horde of ninjas that were climbing up the cake."

… Best wedding cake ever!

Check out the video to hear what Seth's planning for the upcoming season of Robot Chicken, as well as how he's able to survive the massiveness of Comic-Con.