EXCLUSIVE: 98 Degrees Tease 'Magical' New Christmas Album 'Let It Snow'

98 Degrees

Plus, Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre & Jeff Timmons tell ET how they're preparing for their first-ever 31-city Christmas tour.

Christmas is coming early for fans of 98 Degrees!

The band, which consists of Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons, announced on Friday that they're officially reuniting for an all-new Christmas album titled Let It Snow. And while chatting with ET, the guys opened up about what it was like putting together the record, their first in four years.

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Let It Snow
is 98 Degrees' second Christmas album. They released their first one, This Christmas, in October 1999.

"That's one of the things that we're most proud of that we've done," Drew explained to ET's Sophie Schillaci. "We loved it, the way it came out. We also feel strongly about these memories that you make when you listen to Christmas songs… we still talk about what we were influenced by, by Christmas now. So, to be a part of a family tradition and something that [our fans] put on every year, that's something -- that's pretty magical."

Nick chimed in, telling ET that their goal was to come up with new songs they hadn't visited before.

"For me, I think my favorite is 'Mary, Did You Know?'" he said. "It's a lot. I mean, there are so many great Christmas songs out there and holiday songs that, thankfully, there were a lot to choose from. We kind of went through the list and picked our favorites."

"One that's a little bit different," added Jeff, "it's called 'Run Rudolph,' which I've never heard of before. It's got, like, an old Motown sound to it, kind of cool. Kind of a throwback to our roots at Motown and the track's pretty amazing, so I'm really excited about that one."

Even more exciting, Nick confirmed that Let It Snow, which will be released via UMe on Oct. 13, will also feature one original track. The band will then embark on their first-ever 31-city Christmas tour beginning Nov. 10 in Larchwood, Iowa.

"We're going to do the hits as well, but it's going to be a Christmas tour," Justin explained. "We're going to do some songs from the latest CD and, yeah, we're looking forward to it. We toured last summer and had a blast and I think we have a lot more fun these days than we did back then [20 years ago]. Maybe it's because we're just more experienced and there's less pressure, but the fans are still there."

"We built the schedule so that we'd be out for four or five days, then we'd all have a couple days off so we have the opportunity to go home," added Drew, who shares two kids, son Hudson and daughter Isabella, with his wife, Lea Dellecave. "Having your whole family on the road, it's tough for everybody. It's tough for them, it's tough for us."

As we patiently wait for the album to drop, watch the video below to hear more from our exclusive chat with the guys!

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