Play Our 'Entourage' Movie Drinking Game (With a Warning From Ari Gold Himself)


Drink every time someone says "bro."

The Entourage movie seems like the type of movie you would sneak a flask into, right? Like the type of movie that was made to become a drinking game with your bros and only gets better if you have a nice buzz on? Well, we got you, bro.

“The one game that no one should play is every time you see a cameo take a shot,” Jeremy Piven, aka Ari Gold, warned ETonline when we told him of our intentions. “You will be hammered in 11 minutes. You'll get to Ronda Rousey and you will literally black out. Ronda will literally tap you out without even touching you.”

So we won’t say drink every cameo, but we will lay down these rules...

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•  Every time someone says “bro.”

•  Every time someone says “p*ssy.”

•  Every time someone drops an F bomb.

•  Every time E (Kevin Connolly) whines. (Open for interpretation.)

•  Every time Ari yells at someone.


•  Whenever someone refers to sex as “banging” or “screwing.”

•  Every time someone hangs up the phone on someone else.

•  Whenever someone suggests “hugging it out,” or hugs it out without previously discussing it.

•  Whenever a celebrity cameo seems completely unnecessary.

•  Every time a woman is in a bikini.


•  Every time someone makes fun of Drama (Kevin Dillon) and you’re supposed to think it’s funny, but you kind of just feel sad.

•  Every time there is a shot of the Hollywood sign. (In case you forgot where you were? As if you would ever forget where this movie takes place?)

•  Every time a celebrity plugs something that actually exists.

•  Whenever there’s a close-up on a woman’s breasts or butt.


•  If anything remotely resembles feminism.

•  If Vince’s (Adrian Grenier) movie-in-a-movie ever looks like it would be something an IRL movie studio would actually make.


The Entourage movie is in theaters today, so bottoms up! Just don’t get so drunk that you throw up on someone’s Sweet 16 birthday cake.

Now, here’s the celebrity cameo the Entourage boys tells ET everyone will be talking about: