Julia Roberts Reacts to Her 'Osage County' Noms


The George Clooney-produced August: Osage County is already receiving its share of award nominations and ET's Rob Marciano was at last night's New York premiere to speak with Julia Roberts and other stars about their
rich characters, as well as to get reaction to the film's early critical accolades.

"It's just so thrilling because really it was such a team effort -- there was no singular achievement in this movie at all," said Roberts about the film's cast getting an ensemble award nomination this week from the Screen Actors Guild.

In the dark comedic drama August: Osage County -- based on the Tracy Letts play of the same name -- Roberts joins Meryl Streep, Juliette Lewis, Dermot Mulroney and other stars who portray the Weston family, whose lives grow apart over the years until a
family crisis brings them all back together.

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"I was thrilled for her. This is an amazing performance she turns in, so I'm glad people are recognizing that," Mulroney said of Roberts being nominated for a Golden Globe, along with Streep. "I couldn't have been happier getting this part," Mulroney added. "It's amazing how it came out and we're all really proud." 

"We're all so excited because this is an opportunity of a lifetime -- this material, Tracy Letts is a brilliant writer -- and for our cast to be nominated," Lewis said about the SAG ensemble nom. "We worked so hard and everybody was just in it to bring our A game and to do our best. So for all of us to get nominated was amazing." 

Watch the video to also hear the actors give their preference for whether they would rather have Meryl or Julia's character for a mother in real life!
August: Osage County opens in New York and L.A. theaters December 27 and everywhere January 10.

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