'Flowers In the Attic' Trailer Gets Creepy


Lifetime is remaking V.C. Andrews' book-turned-movie Flowers In the Attic, and like she always does on Mad Men, Kiernan Shipka is acting up a storm.

The story was first made into a movie in 1987, and is about siblings that are hidden away in the attic by their conspiring mother and grandmother. In addition to Shipka, the new TV movie also stars Heather Graham, Dylan Bruce and Ellen Burstyn. 

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The book deals with incest between brother and sister Cathy (Shipka) and
Bart (Bruce), and according to Lifetime, they stayed true to
the story. "The script is faithful to the book," said director Deborah Chow (via Entertainment Weekly). "Will there be incest? Yes,” Mason Dye, who plays elder brother Chris, confirmed. “We stay very true to the book.”

Flowers In the Attic will be airing on Lifetime on January 18, 2014. Click here to watch!