Why Owen & Vince Chose 'The Internship' to Reunite

Why Owen & Vince Chose 'The Internship' to Reunite

It's been eight long years since Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn joined forces on the big screen, and the duo told ET at the premiere of their new comedy The Internship that all these years they were desperate to team up again, but chose to hold out for the perfect script.  

Rather than reprise their Wedding Crashers roles with a quickie sequel, Vaughn insisted that his next project with Wilson be unique and special.

Video: Vince's Vaughn's First ET Interview

"We really did get a lot of people that came at us with ideas just to put us back together, but it was really nice to wait for something that's it's own thing," he explained. "The fun thing with [The Internship] is audiences really love the film because it's really about something… and there's' something really optimistic about the film as well as being really fun."

And Wilson agreed.

"We'd been talking about it for years," he told ET. "When Vince had this idea, it just seemed like this would be a really fun opportunity,"

Video: Vaughn, Wilson on Reuniting after 'Crashers'

The film, out June 7, follows Vaughn and Wilson as two out-of-a-job salesmen (thanks to emerging technology) who decide to reinvent themselves and compete for coveted internships at Google.

Click the video above to hear the two talk about their long-awaited on-screen reunion, plus stories from the set told by their "Google intern rivals" and co-star Rose Byrne.