New Trailer: Aaron Eckhart Refuses to Get 'Erased'


Looks like Aaron Eckhart has taken a cue from Taken with his new action-thriller Erased, playing a former CIA agent who must protect his alienated teen from killers looking to have him and his family, well, erased. Watch the edge-of-your-seat trailer…

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In theaters May 10 (and On Demand April 5), Erased finds Eckhart as ex-CIA operative Ben Logan who moves to Belgium with his teen daughter (played by Liana Liberato) to make a fresh start. When his workplace literally disappears and forces conspire to erase his involvement as head of security for the company, he embarks on a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse in an effort to uncover the truth behind the corporate conspiracy. Olga Kurylenko also stars as a CIA agent assigned to track Logan down, no matter what the costs.

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